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Dr. Khalil Andani, Ph.D

Khalil Andani holds a Ph.D in Islamic Studies from Harvard University (Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) and serves as an Assistant Professor of Religion at Augustana College. 

Khalil Andani's dissertation, “Revelation in Islam: Qur’anic, Sunni, and Shi‘i Ismaili Perspectives”was awarded Best Ph.D. Dissertation of the Year by the Foundation for Iranian Studies in 2020. His first book, based on this dissertation, will be an analytical and historical investigation of Islamic theologies of revelation in the formative and classical periods of Islam, beginning with the Qur’an and extending through Qur’anic commentary (tafsir), Sunni and Shi‘i prophetic tradition (hadith), Sunni theology (kalam), and Shi‘i Ismaili philosophy. 

Khalil Andani's 
publications include articles in The Oxford Journal of Islamic StudiesThe Brill Journal of Sufi Studies, Religion Compass, The Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies, chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy,  Deconstructing Islamic Studies, and Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion, and two articles in Sacred Web.


He has taught several courses in Islamic studies and religious studies as a Graduate Teaching Fellow. His recent conference papers and academic talks are featured in the Research Blog.


Khalil Andani also holds a Master of Theological Studies (2014) and Master of Arts degrees (2020), specializing in Quranic studies, Islamic philosophy and Ismaili thought, from Harvard University.


Khalil Andani also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) having articled with KPMG Canada and completed Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and Master of Accounting degrees at the University of Waterloo (2008). 

Conference Paper:
"Reading Text through Pre-Text: Redefining Isma'ili Hermeneutics"
International Quranic Studies Association
November 17-21, 2017 (Boston, MA)


Conference Paper:
"Unconditioned Reality: A Reformulated Argument for Islamic Neoplatonic Theism"
Islam, Secularism, and Atheism
Cambridge Muslim College, August 2022


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